Industry Pack Mezzanine I/O Modules

Industry Pack FPGA Modules

    • IP-EP200: Cyclone II FPGA with Digital I/O (JTAG-configured)
    • XVME-6700: Air-Cooled, 6U VME processor board with Intel® Celeron 200E

Industry Pack Analog I/O Modules

    • IP220A: Analog Output Industry Pack Module, 12-bit D/A
    • IP230A: Analog Output Module, 16-bit D/A
    • IP231: Analog Output Module, 16-bit D/A
    • IP235A: Analog Output Module, 16-bit D/A w/RAM Buffer
    • IP320A: Analog Input Module, 12-bit A/D
    • IP330A: Analog Input Module, 16-bit A/D
    • IP340: Analog Input Module, Simultaneous Sample & Hold

Industry Pack Digital I/O Modules

    • IP400: Digital Input Module, High Voltage Inputs
    • IP405: Digital Output Module, High Voltage Outputs
    • IP408: Digital Input/Output Module, High Voltage I/O
    • IP409: Digital Input/Output Module, Differential I/O
    • IP440A: Digital Input Module, Isolated
    • IP445A: Digital Output Module, Isolated
    • IP470A: Digital Output Module, TTL Level

Industry Pack Serial Communication Modules

    • IP500A: Serial Communication, 232 Industry Pack Module
    • IP501: Serial Communication, 422/485 Full Duplex Industry Pack Module
    • IP502: Serial Communication, 485 Half-Duplex Industry Pack Modules
    • IP511: Serial Communication, 422 Isolated Industry Pack Module
    • IP512: Serial Communication, 485 Isolated Industry Pack Module
    • IP520: Serial Communication, 232 Octal Industry Pack Module
    • IP521: Serial Communication, 422/485 Octal Industry Pack Module
    • IP560: CAN Bus Interface Industry Pack Modules
    • IP570: MIL-STD-1553 Bus Interface Modules

Industry Pack Counter/Timers Modules

    • IP480: Counter/Timer Module
    • IP482 / 483 / 484: Counter/Timer Module

Industry Pack Carrier Cards

    • AcPC8625A: Nonintelligent 6U cPCI IP Carrier
    • AcPC8630A: Nonintelligent 3U cPCI IP Carrier, Front I/O
    • AcPC8635A: Nonintelligent 3U cPCI IP Carrier, Rear I/O