M2M & Machine Builders

Machine-to-machine(M2M) provides communications between people, devices, and systems and turns data into information companies can act upon.

Machine-to-machine solutions are giving corporate adopters an efficient and cost-efficient method to make necessary connections happen. M2M adopters are using these solutions to solve their challenges, whether it is by industry or application.
Machine-to-machine business is about creating solutions aimed at improving existing business, creating new opportunities, and essentially making daily life easier. What makes M2M solutions so essential is that the technology is driven more by devices interacting with people and other devices and systems. The goal is to increase performance and competitiveness of companies, cost-saving, and better service levels.

SENA's M2M solutions range from embedded modules and boards, to external box products that can make virtually any existing, or legacy devices to be easily networked, either wired or wireless. SENA's wireless connectivity products utilize Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies to simplify cabling, increase user mobility, and enable remote device management.